How To Be Proactive About Your Child’s Education


Sometimes it’s hard for working parents to stay actively involved in their child’s schooling, and for other parents school is just a convenient daycare. However, author and inspirational speaker, Towanna B. Freeman insists that involvement in a child’s education is vital for a well-rounded life.

With the long hours that students spend in the classroom, Freeman gives parent’s tips (and explanations) on how to stay connected in the learning process.

Tip 1: Talk to the teachers.

Simple right? Teachers spend countless hours with your child and they see first-hand how well they grasp subjects, as well as how they interact with other students. If something’s wrong, they most likely know. Check on your kids.

Tip 2: Focus on the overall development of your child not just grades.

Some student’s don’t take tests well. Maybe reading subjects don’t come as easily as math, or vice versa. Pay attention to your child’s learning pace and help them from there.

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