How – To Be A Wine Snob

many bottles of wine in row perspective in a cellar

#Adulting so when you want to host. 

Once your taste the sentiments, you will become a wine snob. It only takes one glass to tell the difference between a younger or older made wine.

Tip 1: Is the wine older or younger?

Hold you glass of wine into some light, does it look lighter or darker. Lighter looking wines are older. Darker colored wine at the rim means it’s younger. More fruity, younger. A 2015 Pinot Grigio is super cheap and young.

Tip 2: Smell the cork

If the cork doesn’t smell good, then it’s a bad sign for the wine. Sommeliers learn from the cork’s scent.

A red. A white. Some duck. 🇫🇷

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Tip 3: Keep it cool

Wine should be stored in cool temperatures 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 55. Keep away from sunlight or buy yourself a wine fridge.