How – To Host A Brunch Party With Less Than $100

Rooftop or patio… check! 

If you can’t get to an Everyday People Brunch party, host your own party with less than $100.

Brunch is for gossiping and catching up with your friends after you’ve been boo-loving all winter. All you have to do is invite your favorite peeps! Prepare for the party of the month, here’s how to host a brunch party with less than $100.

The guest list.

Send a text with “come through for a brunch on Saturday. Be here or be a square.” Expect to see people rolling through between noon and 5pm.

The day – of the party, spend $30 on food.

Brunch is not about feeding people until they are stuffed, that’s why people drink booze. Bake two lovely quiches and serve biscuits. Go to the market and get a dozen of eggs, some veggies, pre-baked pie crust, a few pastries, and orange juice. Basically get all the fixings of an omelet. If you’re friends have manners, they will ask if they should bring anything, tell them to bring a bottle champagne.

Go to the bodega for flowers and the dollar store for decorations.

Allocate $20 of your budget for flowers (assuming you’re getting cheap flowers from a bodega). There’s nothing like a few fresh flowers as the ultimate house decor. A bouquet of flowers can do wonders to a empty apartment or table-space. The 99cent store is great for plastic cups, napkins, utensils, and even serving trays.

Get the alcohol.

You will probably spend the most money on booze. Guys should also be responsible for the drinks. It’s just a rule of thumb for us around here.

This is a variation of the margarita; la tuna (prickly pear) is wildly harvested and eaten throughout Mexico and even in parts of the USA. You can see the cactus pear present on the Mexican flag, and it’s also the national fruit. The inspiration behind this spicy margarita cocktail is the love Mexicans have for indulging in anything spicy.

2 parts Tres Agaves Blanco

6 drops of the tequila-infused with Habanero

¾ parts Lime Juice

½ part Prickly Pear Puree (such as boiron)

¾ parts Tres Agaves Agave Syrup

Directions: Add all ingredients in the shaker; add ice, shake and strain in coupe or martini glass.

Set the ambiance right.

Light some candles, put on your favorite playlist and make sure you clear a space for dancing.

How do you make your parties special?