“The Homestretch” Explores Education, Homelessness

Youth homelessness doesn’t necessarily look a certain way.

In fact, a student could show up to class every day without his or her teacher ever suspecting a lack of food or somewhere to sleep is the reason for seeming behavior problems.

For that reason, of many, understanding the challenges students face is important.

The Homestretch , a documentary released under Kartemquin Films, explores the critical roles schools and teachers play in keeping teens off the streets. Through the stories of three diverse Chicago teens, the film challenges stereotypes.

Filmmakers Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly shared the development of the project with The Atlantic , stating, “We started researching and learning over time that there were over 15,000 kids registered in the Chicago Public school system classified as homeless and no one was really talking about it.”

Though the stories of teens can tug at the heart, that emotion doesn’t center the documentary. The Homestretch, “reveals that U.S. homelessness is as subtle as it is insidious and that disagreements over what “homelessness” looks and feels like, and over the role schools should play in conquering it, have been the greatest obstacle to find a solution.”

Read the full interview and larger scope of this story, Here.

Watch the trailer, below:

The Homestretch (trailer) from spargel productions on Vimeo.

The Homestretch airs on PBS in April.