Here’s How To Wear Your Mother’s Pearls And Not Look Old

Sittin’ pretty in pearls. 

Your mother’s pearls are suddenly cool again, but careful not to give off sorority girl vibes. Pearls have probably been sleeping at the bottom of your jewelry box, but this spring season these gemstones are back to their posh status.

From the runway to the retail shelves.

This spring season is about embracing your inner Aubrey Hepburn. These pearls have been paired with diamonds and gold, and the result couldn’t be more refreshingly posh.

Nataf Jaoaillerie – Infinity Pearl

Whether you splurge on double – drop ball earrings, or go minimal with some an infinity pearl, you can find your personal style buried within your mother’s jewelry box, on Etsy, or in -store.

Pretty in pink and pearls.

Always ahead of the trends, Rihanna’s look for the 2015 Dior show slayed on so many levels. This modern day Marie Antoinette is dripping in pearls, pink and diamonds. Not a bad combo at all!

Here are our top picks for wearing pearls this spring.


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