Diary of a Fit Woman: Stop Making Excuses

Credit: Thinkstock

We are usually our own worst enemy when it comes to our health. We know better, but we don’t do better. Sometimes even when we plan to. Most of this has to do with allowing ourselves to be comfortable by using excuses.

They sound so logical when they are running through our heads, “It’s okay, you can eat that cupcake, you worked hard today.” “Even if I leave for the gym right now, I’ll be ten minutes late for my Zumba class, I’ll just go tomorrow.”

The excuses seem legitimate and they make sense most of the time, which is why they keep many from truly making any progress in getting healthy. There’s only one way to combat them. You have to be mentally tough.

Being mentally tough is the only kryptonite to excuses. Think about all of the great athletes of the world. None of them make excuses for not getting up and working on their sport, or feeding their bodies the right nutrition to be able to perform and recover. Their work ethic is sustained by a mental tenacity. At some point they decided they wanted to be the best and started acting like it. The quest to be healthy is no different.

Since I’m no stranger to excuses, here are some of my fixes for the most common ones.

“I don’t know what to eat.”
Take some of that time you spend checking Instagram to plan 3 meals you can make for the week. You don’t have to come up with anything fancy. Something as simple as spaghetti that’s full of different vegetables serves as a great lunch or dinner. This only takes 10 minutes.

“I don’t have time to cook.”
If you have time to Netflix and chill all weekend, you have time to cook. Plan one hour on your day off and cook. I do this on the day I go grocery shopping. My logic is that if I just bought the food, then I might as well cook it.

“I have to go home and change for the gym.”
No you don’t. Bring your gym clothes to work and change when you get to the gym. Or change while you’re still at work. Even if you feel most comfortable changing at home, focus and force yourself to change right away. Just change your clothes.

Once you start dissecting your own list of excuses, they don’t seem so rational after all. Acknowledge that you’re capable of putting more effort and energy into your health and start doing it. If feeding ourselves excuses worked, we’d all be skinny by now!

Reneé DuBose is a Chicago media professional who was bitten by the health and fitness bug a few years ago. On her journey to get and stay fit, she started a health and wellness blog to share her tips with friends, family and anyone needing help. Visit The Fit Print and keep up with her on Instagram @theFitPrint.