How to Preserve Your Pretty Without Surgery

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I am a board certified plastic surgeon with a love for all things NON-surgical on the face. It seems ironic considering most surgeons love doing surgery every opportunity they get. But my philosophy is simple. No surgery on the face until it’s absolutely necessary!

The best way to keep a natural, youthful appearance well into your golden years is to start working on your skin while it still looks young to keep it that way. So what does youthful skin look like? Youthful skin is supple and bright with non visible pores, an even complexion, and is free from scars, wrinkles or blemishes.

A very common question I get is, “Dr. Myla, how do I get glowing skin?”

Beautiful skin is a lifestyle that takes work. You have to be diligent and work at it everyday. In order to restore and maintain youthful skin, you need a daily skin care regimen that cleanses, exfoliates, induces collagen growth and has sun protection.


Let’s start with cleanser selection. The proper cleanser can only be determined after understanding the type of skin you have. If a person has oily or acneic skin, a cleanser that helps control the oil or aids in the fight against acne is key. Often the oils that your skin creates are inflammatory, which will lead to the production of acne and dark spots on your face. If your skin is dry, then you want to use a cleanser that aids in hydration. Choosing the proper cleanser is key when pursuing young looking skin. Once you’ve selected the proper cleanser, be sure to wash your face every night before going to bed. It is important to rid your face of all the dirt and makeup from the day before going to sleep.

The next important step in maintenance and restoration of youthful skin is exfoliation. Proper exfoliation helps your skin glow.  As we age, our body’s ability to auto-exfoliate slows down. Having fresh, new skin on the surface is imperative if your goal is to have fabulous skin. The build up of dead skin cells on the surface leads to clogged pores, acne, and the drab appearance of skin dehydration. There are many ways to exfoliate. Products that aid in exfoliation such as alpha and beta hydroxyacids, and services like microdermabrasion and chemical peels exist for a reason. It’s important when deciding which products and services to use to ask a skin care specialist to prevent damage. Exfoliates can cause burns or abrasions when used incorrectly.

In my personal regimen, I use chemical exfoliates. I also get monthly hydrafacials as well as chemical peels twice per year for a deeper exfoliation. Proper exfoliation is one of the best things you can do to keep fresh new skin on the surface.

I believe that everyone should use a retinol in their skin care regimen as early as possible. Retinol is a vitamin A derivative that does a lot to improve the appearance of the skin. It also aids in slowing down and even reversing some of the signs of aging. The product can often be irritating as your skin adjusts to it, but in time as your skin develops a tolerance and the effects are priceless. Retinols help to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, reduce pore size, improve the appearance of acne scars, encourages auto-exfoliation, treats acne breakouts, and helps with texture and complexion. They do so many things, and the product is a staple in my personal skin care regimen.

With all of that being said, the single most important thing that we all must do is wear sunscreen. We need it every single day! Even when it’s raining or cloudy. In fact, UV rays are worse on overcast days. Sunscreen is especially important when using many of the different anti-aging skin care products. In many ways, these products can make your skin more vulnerable to the sun.

The best way to preserve your pretty without surgery is take exceptional care of your skin. Beautiful, healthy skin is the most youthful accessory you can have. Treating your skin well now will help you grow old gracefully and fabulously.

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