Happy Headline: James Robertson, Sole Survivor

We, like many of you, read with great interest the story of 56-year-old Motor City native, James Robertson in the Detroit Free Press.

Robertson, who works in Rochester Hills as a machine operator, has garnered nationwide attention for walking 21 miles to his job through rain, sleet, snow and extreme heat – five days a week.

With no complaints.

An athlete, he is not. But admirable personality traits such as dedication, focus and purpose give him the endurance he needs to fulfill his daily responsibilities.

In sharing his story with the Detroit Free Press, Robertson explained that when his vehicle broke down in 1988, he hadn’t had a chance to save for a new one. Even making above the $8.15/hour minimum wage, the cost of maintenance and insurance remains too high.  Worsening matters, Robertson didn’t live anywhere near his co-workers, so a lift was out of the question.

But the good news, the story is circulating and encouraging people to get involved by raising funds to supply Robertson with a vehicle, and it’s working!

Robertson now has a GoFundMe page, curated by Evan Leedy, and inspired by a heartfelt spotlight, this goes to show that good is still happening around us. So far, the donations are pouring in over and above what is requested.  We are so grateful to pass along this Happy Headline.