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10 Habits of Successful High Achievers

There are a lot of high achievers, but not every high achiever is successful in achieving their goals. After working with hundreds of high achieving professionals, their families, and corporations, I’ve noticed that the following are traits of successful high achievers.

1) They take personal responsibility. Whenever something happens, they look to see what role they played in the outcome – good and bad. They understand the only person they can control is themselves and focus on learning how they can make better decisions.

2) They let of go the past. Once they learn from an experience, they integrate the lesson into their “wisdom bank” and let it go. They know that failures and successes are part of growth and they embrace both.

3) They learn from the mistakes of others. High achievers realize they can learn from other people’s experiences and are grateful when others share their successes and failures with them. This helps them grow their “wisdom bank” quickly and enhances the way they see and experience the world.

4) They make time to clear their minds. They are often very mindful and try to stay present in the moment. The most effective way to stay mindful is to practice meditation, prayer, chanting, etc. and many of them do.

5) They seek to understand. When people are talking, they are listening to gain clarity about a situation. Most people do not listen, but simply allow a person to say what they need to say as a courtesy. They are really waiting for their turn to say what they want regardless of what is really going on.

6) They are comfortable with standing alone. They realize that people make knee jerk reactions, which are usually based out of fear or ignorance. They don’t take it personally and allow enough time to pass so people can process new information.

7) They know when to stop. Once they’ve reached their goal and feel complete, high achievers stop and evaluate if they want to keep going or move on to something else. In other words, they know when they are satisfied with what they have. They know that if they continue to gorge on something, whether it’s food or obtaining money, it will catch up with them and make them sick.

8) They accept people as they are. They see people as they are and not what they want them to be. This helps them make accurate assessments about their situation and how to best respond.

9) They are not attached to anything. Things come and go and nothing stays around forever. The more attached you are to people, things, and titles, the harder it is to let go and move on.

10) They use things and value people. This is the most important reason they are successful. They know that people hold the key to their ability to succeed because each person holds something of value – a key they need in order to go through the next door. Without people, you can’t obtain or hold on to things. Things are meant to be used and people are meant to be valued.

Now that you know what habits you can develop to become more successful, get at it! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and send you lots of love and light.


Jinnie Cristerna, LCSW

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