Holiday Guide to Meeting the Parents

Credit: Thinkstock

Credit: Thinkstock

For many people, few things are more nerve-wracking than meeting your boo’s parents for the first time.

And with Thanksgiving and the holidays coming around the bend, it’s prime time for these important introductions.  We all remember how that feels, right? You appear calm on the outside, but inside your body temperature has reached an alarming high and your head in swarming with questions like “What do I wear?” “What if they don’t like me?” “How long should I stay?”

If this fits your current situation, relax, we’ve got you. JET tapped into one of the best dating experts out there to prepare you for this upcoming challenge. Bela Gandhi is the founder of Smart Dating Academy and a frequent contributor on The Steve Harvey Show.

Her company coaches hundreds of people every day with dating advice.

Here are Gandhi’s top 10 tips for meeting the parents…

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