How To Be A Good Wedding Guest

Don’t just show up. 

It’s wedding season and although weddings are a lot of fun, you can’t just show up. Be a good wedding guest by actually showing up  ON TIME,with a gift and don’t get too carried away with the booze.

Here are a few rules to becoming a great wedding guest.

Show up on time

Don’t forget to double check when the actual wedding ceremony takes place. You don’t want to be that person who’s left outside of the venue because you were “stuck in traffic.”

Bring a gift

Nowadays, couples just want cash as a gift. The general rule for giving cash is  to give enough to pay for the price of your plate. Buy a nice card and put at least $100 in it. You don’t know how happy your loved ones will be when they open a card with money.

Don’t drink too much

A lot of weddings offer open bar. Pace yourself. These are some of the longest parties you will ever attend. Don’t be that drunk person who took off their shoes and threw them at the wedding cake. Not cool, bro!

Be on your best behavior

Don’t cuss or talk really crazy. You will be amongst your loved one’s family members. Leave a good impression for everyone.

Dress appropriately

Make sure you have on the right attire. Couples are getting unique with dress codes these days. Ask questions if you are confused. You don’t want to be out of formation. Remember, it’s not about you.

What other etiquette do you think it necessary for a wedding?