Glinda Bridgforth’s Money Tips

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Looking for a little change in your bank account?

Money experts say there’s only one way to ensure your dollars make sense: discipline. But revamping your spending habits doesn’t happen overnight, and most important, usually includes a few bumps in the road. JET caught up with Glinda Bridgforth, savvy financial guru and spokesperson for Toyota’s Financial Fuel campaign.


Check out Brigdforth’s top personal finance tips:

1. Come Clean — Get your debt out of your head and on to paper. Writing it out helps create accountability.

2. Think Discipline and Not Deprivation — If your new budget is too rigid, it won’t work, and you’ll likely end up on a financial feminine and binging cycle (think about what happens on most strict food diets). Instead, opt for a realistic and consistent plan that allows for small splurges and accommodates your lifestyle.

3. Budget Monthly — Create a budget every month for a year. Some expenses change from month to month (ex. car insurance or back-to-school bills), so revamping your spending plan will help you stay on target and do what’s realistic based on your circumstances.

4. Look Ahead — Do projections six months ahead so you can be prepared for upcoming expenses. For example, if you know summer camp is coming up putting away a few bucks each month leading up to registration beats adding the debt to a credit card— or being forced to keep your child home.

5. Minimize All Debt — There was a time when student loans were looked upon as an investment. But things have changed. Tuition has hit an unprecedented high, and big debt doesn’t always result in a larger salary— plus, the national student loan debt is more than one trillion dollars. If you plan to attend undergraduate or graduate school, research scholarships, grants and how the degree will impact your salary. Strategy is key.

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