Get it Started: MC SoLow Red Line

Credit: Shutterstock

So Low Red Line is what they call him. A Chicago MC that draws crowds with the intricate but often relatable storytelling, he can be found on the platform of the CTA Jackson Red Line- one of the most populated lines in the city of wind.

Averaging about $40 a day, Joseph “So Low Red Line” Lane, a homeless man raps for survival.

“Me, I’m trying to make it.

Get my babies out the hood and make some dividends.

I be standing out here rhymin’, ain’t no ladder down here but I’m still climbing.”

Lane’s recent subway performance caught the attention of Cordell “Co-Still” Hunter, CEO of 89 Music–an independent record label in Chicago, while waiting for the train and was blown away by his talent. He recorded the lyricist flowing for over five minutes and shortly after posting it to social media, the video went viral capturing nearly two million views.

With the growing social recognition and an interview with FOX32 Chicago, it is Lane’s hope and Hunter’s mission to end his bout of homelessness. Together, they created a Go FUND me page seeking donations to aide in buying Lane and his family a house.

Check out the street poet and if you dig it, donate. If not, share the the music! Choice is solely yours.