Frugal Fro: 10 Must-Buy Conditioners

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Most of us know that after we give our hair a good cleaning, we should condition the hair to keep it healthy.  The role of conditioners is to add to the hair’s natural moisture and give it some shine. No matter what your hair texture is or whether your hair is healthy or not, you need to condition!

Conditioners come in three common varieties – deep conditioners, rinse-out and leave-in conditioners. Here are a few of my favorite natural hair conditioners, by category.  And bonus: They are all under $10.


Deep conditioners are designed to replace moisture, repair strength, and smooth cuticles. They can be used as often as needed, especially with seriously damaged hair.  Deep conditioning treatments may be used as often as two times a week.

EDEN BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner $9


SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque $9


Profectiv Mega Growth Strengthening Deep Conditioner $7



Rinse-out conditioners are the sisters to shampoo. They should be applied to freshly shampooed hair and left on the hair for about 2-3 minutes before being rinsed out. Their job is to substitute moisture that has been lost after shampooing. For the minimalist natural who prefers sulfate/silicone free conditioners, I have listed some great slip-worthy options below.

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Conditioner (0% Sulfate) $5

Garnier Fructis Haircare Pure Clean Fortifying Conditioner (No silicone, No paraben, No dye) $7

Garnier Fructis

Aussie Moist $6

TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner $4



Leave-in conditioners are unerringly that – conditioners that are left on the hair and are NOT rinsed away. These conditioners are formulated as frothy creams, or as liquids which can be sprayed directly on the hair. My hair really appreciates these gems.

Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner $8


Infusium 23 Repair & Renew 3 Leave-In Treatment $8


Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-in Conditioner $3


If your hair feels tumble-weed dry, give these conditioners a shot. Remember to quench those thirsty strands–hydration is the key to healthy happy hair!

*Tip: Adding oil to your conditioners increases its moisturizing muscles.

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