Frugal Fro: Rock These Protective Styles

Credit: Thinkstock

Bears are onto something if you ask me.

Just like our furry friends hibernate in the winter, so does my natural hair. Personally, I stay in protective styles all winter so that my hair can get its much needed rest.

After the winters melt into spring, my braids unravel and curls are ready to come out and play. This week, I share what’s on trend for protective styles. I picked the brain of one of the best braiders I know to define the trends and set the record straight on how to maintain these styles. Chantal Chablis, owner of Shine Beauty & Braids in Chicago, boasts over 20 years of experience specializing in a variety of styles like fusion, sew-ins, strand-by-strand, EZ weft and Sister Locks.  Click HERE to visit them on Facebook.

Chantal Chablis, Owner of Shine Braiding

Chantal Chablis, Owner of Shine Braiding

Here are her follicle findings on which styles are hottest, what it takes to get them and – most importantly—how to maintain them.  Throughout, check out pictures of the braids and twists on Chantal’s models.


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