Frugal Fro: Frizz-Free Summer Anyone?

Beauty enthusiast Dre Brown shares her favorite ways to ditch the winter hats and spring your hair into warmer weather!
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Frizz-free summer. Does such a thing exist? The first day of summer is almost upon us and after a long ice-laced winter, I’m beyond excited.  However, in most places, where there is summer, there is summer’s evil hair, hating cousin – humidity. Below are five tips on how to work with our hair’s nemesis.

1. Steer clear of humectant-containing products

Humectants, like glycerin and propylene glycol, draw moisture out of the air right into your hair. This is great during dry winter months, but when the humid levels are high; it’s a formula for shrinkage and frizz. If you are indeed experiencing these effects, it’s time to look at the ingredients in your styling products. Try to avoid leave-in conditioners and moisturizers that contain humectants especially as the first five ingredients.

2. Use hair Gloss or serums

Now, there are many naturals who are against the use of silicones, but for those who don’t have an aversion to them, try applying to a new set of twists and for other loose styles. Silicones coat the hair to create a barrier against humidity because they are not water soluble. One thing to remember is that regular washing is necessary when using silicones as buildup will occur.

 3. Try out protective styles

Protective styling will forever be my sharpest weapon against humidity. Mini twists, flat twists and braid extensions curtail the effects of frizz.

4. Incoporate scarves and headbands

When wearing a paper bag isn’t an option, scarves and headbands are my best friends and can rescue any hairstyle mishap.  Try experimenting with different patterns and sizes to switch up your look. Scarves will help you tap into your inner bohemian.

5. Love your texture

The absolute BEST way to conquer humidity is to simply wear your coils, kinks and curls in its total natural state. No manipulation with braids, twists or blowouts. Just a simple wash-n-go and lots of texture love.

It’s hot, but your hair doesn’t have to be a hot mess and unless you plan on attending barbeques in your living room, try the techniques above and let us know how they work for you.

YOUR TURN: What are your favorite summer style tips? Let us know in the comments!

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