Frugal Fro: Hairstylists You Meet in Hell

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This Frugal Fro has a coil to pick!

Some of these purported “professional” hairstylists are the polar opposite of what I consider professional.  I’m no hairstylist, nor have I been to cosmetology school, but I do know when I’m being abused. Check out my list of stylists with bad habits and vote for the worst.

1. The Time Bandit
This time thief adopts the “better late than never” attitude as if your time has no worth. He/she overbooks appointments, has poor time management with an equally mystifying concept of time. This stylist is usually ill-prepared and will likely have you purchasing items that should be supplied by the salon or stylist.

2. The Multitasker
This stylist is easily distracted by trivial things. A ball of rolling yarn or keys jingling can prevent this person from completing your hair in a timely manner. He/she is busy updating her Facebook status, watching an inappropriate, albeit funny, video on Vine or YouTube. Because this stylist’s behavior is so unpredictable, she is likely to go to lunch and not return for two hours.

3. The Mangler
This ham-handed lout is likely to snatch your hair from the roots with all the tugging he/she does while styling. When washing your hair, this bruiser pulls no punches, or scratches, for that matter either. Note: Fingernails should not be used to clean your scalp. Often times, the braids are way bigger than the actual part, leaving you with a heavy head…and heart.

4. Bottom-dollar Beautician

This stylist fancies herself a hustler and is here to part you from your money.  When you called to make your appointment, pricing was established…or so you thought.  After X amount of hours, your hair is now finished. You look great! You pull out your money and tip only to be told the price is 40 percent higher than you were told over the phone. Yep, you’ve been duped! Hopefully there’s an ATM nearby.

 5. The Daycare Provider:

This pro usually keeps her unruly children in the shop with her.  I have nothing against children as I am a mother myself. I get that life happens and a sitter may not always be an option. However, I don’t want 100 questions shot at me from your knee-high munchkin as you braid my hair, nor do I feel like hearing you loudly chastise your sulky pre-teen while inches from my ear.

If you are currently in an abusive relationship with your stylist, get out now!

You owe it to yourself to treat your tresses right. For the quasi hairstylists, who have committed these offenses, remember that showing up on time and ready to work sends a very strong message. It lets the client know that you care about them and that you take your work seriously. A true professional knows that their professionalism is being questioned by their behavior.

Now, share your horror story in comments and vote here to let me know which of these styling so and so’s is the worst.



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