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Welcome to Frugal Fro!  I’m so pleased today to be answering a question from a reader who wrote in via asking for a solution to de-kink their curls.

I can definitely assist and am grateful for the query, but I would be remiss if I didn’t warn you.  You cannot change coarse curls to silkier textures without chemicals.

However, you can find a product that will define your natural curl pattern.  With so many gels, creams and custards on the market, it’s maddening trying to find the right one. These products will not create what isn’t already there.  They will not create curls that look like they came off the head of some celebrity you’ve seen (cough, Tracy Ellis Ross, cough). Nor can I give you the solution to Ya Ya DaCosta’s cottony cuteness.  Genetics, not gel, come into play, in both of those cases.   Instead, I can recommend products for curl enhancement and frizz taming.

For the wash-n-go devotees, gels are your best option. Some gels can be very drying, so applying your favorite leave-in conditioner or oil as a base might help combat that.  Tip: Part hair in 4-8 sections and have a spray bottle filled with water. Spray each section then finger-comb the gel throughout the sections of your hair. To avoid frizz, allow the hair to dry completely and do not touch the curls. Try some of the budget-friendly curl definers that have fared well with me and my uniquely curly friends.


1. Pantene Truly Natural Defining Curls Styling Custard $5


2. Eco StylerGel $5

Eco styler

3. Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Olive Oil Styling Gel $6


Wash-n-go’s are not for everyone. Now that my hair is longer, I have two issues with this technique.  One is the length of time it takes to dry my hair. It’s more like a wash ‘n’ wait for three hours. Don’t even get me started on shrinkage! Let’s face it, not everyone’s curls respond to this technique. There is an alternative for those naturals who haven’t mastered the wash-n- go. Twist -outs and braid-outs done on dry hair can deliver stunning results. Creams and butters work best when trying to achieve this style.  Here are some real winners that not only help with definition, but will keep your hair moist like Duncan Hines cakes.


1. Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Crème $6

Beautiful textures

2. Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Hair Moisturizer $5


3. TaliahWaajid Curly Curl Cream $8

Taliah copy

My suggestion is to try some of the products and techniques above, they are designed to enhance not alter what’s naturally and beautifully yours. Most importantly, embrace that beautiful head of hair you have.  With patience, you’ll learn to love every kink, coil and curl.



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