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Four Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Inspires Artists

Beau McCall Art

A Reminder that the Fight Never Ends

By Beau McCall

For artist, Beau McCall when one looks back at the history of Mandela it is clear to see that he never gave up the fight for social justice and freedom. After his retirement in 1999 from active politics he continued to support the building of schools and clinics in South Africa, was a mediator in The Burundian Civil War and founded a group of world leaders named “The Elders” committed to addressing global issues of concern. With his piece “Until We Free” McCall wanted to capture Mandela’s spirit of never ending the fight for social justice by transposing the American flag over the color pattern of the Pan-African flag on four panels of crowns. “Mandela is a symbol of freedom and justice and never giving up. Even after so-called retiring he remained involved because he understands that we can never stop being vigilant when it comes to our freedoms. He shows that we must always be ready for the fight.”

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