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Four Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Inspires Artists

David Hollier Art

A Global Influence


By David Hollier

During his fight to end apartheid, Mandela was able to gain the attention of the international audience. In the U.S. alone he was able to inspire numerous political leaders such as Jesse Jackson, Congresswoman Maxine Waters, Representative Ronald V. Dellums (D-CA) and Congressman William H. Gray III to join the anti-apartheid movement. These allies called for disinvestment from South Africa until apartheid ended and were able to get the U.S to pass the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986. For artist David Hollier that level of influence makes Mandela a special leader. “Mandela’s influence transcends national boundaries. His achievements have affected a global consciousness, as his struggle touched hearts across the world,” he says. Hollier captures the breadth of that power through a portrait created from the following quote by Mandela expressing his vision of creating universal change: “Will future generations say of us: Indeed, they did lay the foundations for the eradication of world poverty; they succeeded in establishing a new world order based on mutual respect, partnership and equity?”

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