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Four Reasons Why Nelson Mandela Inspires Artists

Rankadi Daniel Mosako

The Power to Rebuild

By Rankadi Daniel Mosako

Upon Mandela’s release from prison in 1990, many were surprised that he decided to pursue a democratic peace deal with the government that placed him in prison. As a result of his efforts, in 1994 South Africa held its first democratic elections and Mandela became the country’s first black president. For visual artist, Rankadi Daniel Mosako, these acts characterize Mandela’s ability to build a new day for South Africans. In his piece, Mosako captures Mandela’s achievements by placing in the background construction cranes that represent multiple reconstruction and developments in progress. “During his presidency he set the platform for a peaceful government transition, initiated reconstruction and development programs, established a rainbow nation, made history by staging the first democratic elections in South Africa, extinguished racial segregation and removed political oppression. He is a legend in his lifetime,” he says. Mosako’s work is currently on view in the exhibition, We Love Mandela: Art inspired by Madiba, curated by Natalie Knight.

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