Four Must-Have Travel Apps

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a personal assistant or travel agent. Plus, the average person is time-crunched, meaning small tasks like printing out an itinerary, remembering to pack dental floss, or even notifying a loved one what time your plane touches down, can sometimes end up lost in the mix.

Here are four travel apps that will help you save time, money, and even broaden your horizons:

TripIt – Have you ever realized in the middle of your cab ride to the airport that you’ve forgotten your plane ticket and you can’t remember which airline you’re on? With TripIt, that will never happen again. Once you sign up, the app automatically searches your inbox for flight, hotel, and rental car emails and builds you a minute-by-minute itinerary that you can access from your phone, calendar, or even online. If your flight is canceled or delayed, it alerts you and suggests open seats on alternate flights.

MyClickUrban – From cultural panels and discussions and family entertainment to live concerts and happening bars, MyClickUrban is the go-to spot for those who live an metropolitan lifestyle and want to connect with hot events in the cities they travel. It’s also for urbanites who want to know the latest happenings in their own city.

Packing Pro – Paper is so one-dimensional. Nowadays, why write out a list, when an app like Packing Pro can intuitively help you build out your suitcase by suggesting what essentials you’ll need based on the type of trip you’re planning to take. After the trip, your list is saved. That way, whether you take a business trip, a camping outing, or another visit to Aunt Martha’s you can return to the packing and to-do list on Packing Pro and it recalls for you what necessary items were needed for that trip.

Hotel Tonight – Sometimes the unexpected happens, and you need a hotel room … now. Or you just can’t believe how expensive the rooms are three months before a trip so you decide to wait for them to drop. Whatever the case may be, no other resource will find you better last-minute hotel prices. Just open the app wherever you are and it uses your GPS to find hotels near you, showing ratings from other users, the distance away from your current spot, and the type of property (hip, luxe, or basic).

YOUR TURN: What is your favorite travel app? Let us know in the comments!