Diary of A Fit Woman: Make Social Media Work

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have a few social media accounts. But how many of you are actually using your profiles beyond the scope of being social?

Social media profiles can be a valuable tool for your health and fitness goals as many personal trainers, nutritionists, fitness enthusiasts and health food fanatics use the platform to share content to help you stay healthy.

If you are looking to get started or need something new and interesting to do at the gym, here are a couple of social media apps I use to keep my healthy lifestyle going strong.


The oldie but goodie of the group, Facebook has evolved since it first launched as a way to connect college students. I remember when sending someone a “poke” was the thing to do, but now there are so many new features to take advantage of, especially when it comes to health and wellness.


An accountability partner is the best weapon you can have when setting yourself up for fitness success. One of my favorite Facebook features is groups. Groups are a perfect way for you to start your own fit club of family and friends. A network of people who are there to hold you accountable, or to simply celebrate this week’s weight loss victory with, makes losing weight and staying on track that much easier.

You can share recipes, schedule times to work out together and just keep tabs on what everyone is doing to lose weight. The ability to share what is or even what’s not working for you is an asset to a weight loss journey. We all can get stuck in a rut or hit a plateau. You can even create private groups so you can be selective about who joins (only positive people!) and be comfortable posting before and after pics without all of Facebook seeing them.


I have to admit. I’m not an early adapter when it comes to techie stuff, and I was more than fashionably late to the Pinterest party. One of the hardest things about maintaining a healthy diet is keeping it interesting. Even though I felt I had created a variety of meal options, I was getting bored. So about a month ago, I created a Pinterest account. Yes, it took me that long and I wish I had done it sooner!

What’s good about this app is that it allows you to create boards and pin or save whatever you’d like to them. I created a healthy food board and went to town pinning new healthy options for breakfast like overnight oats, and an amazing Italian dish made with ground chicken, crushed tomatoes and goat cheese over spaghetti squash. After you pin eight recipes for homemade granola bars, you’ll realize there are so many ways to prepare anything you may think to search for on this app. And the beauty of it all is that you can create a cheat meal board for all of the recipes you want to make when you earned a little treat.


Health and fitness is all over Instagram, and that is fantastic for people who need a little inspiration. Using hashtags, you can search for healthy recipe and workout ideas in abundance. Not only can you get the recipe, but you can also watch a sped up play-by-play of how to prepare it. Not being able to afford a gym membership is no longer an issue. Thanks to this app, you can still have your own personal trainer by following one on your feed.

The ability to change up your workout routine simply by searching for new moves to incorporate at the gym or at home will prevent your body from plateauing. There’s even a new feature now that allows you to stay logged in to multiple accounts at once. Start a brand new account and devote it completely to living the fit life.

Use your social media accounts to your advantage! They are great tools to keep healthy living fun and attainable.

Reneé DuBose is a Chicago media professional who was bitten by the health and fitness bug a few years ago. On her journey to get and stay fit, she started a health and wellness blog to share her tips with friends, family and anyone needing help. Visit The Fit Print and keep up with her on Instagram @theFitPrint.