Fit Friday: The 20-Minute Workout

The number one argument I’ve heard from many clients is that they don’t have enough time to work out. We can all agree that most of us have issues with managing our time, especially when there are children and other major responsibilities that take precedent in our lives.

However, health is important and should be one of our top priorities. The key to a quick efficient workout is utilizing the entire body. Don’t worry if you’re short on time because I have created the perfect routine for you. Here are 5 great exercises you can do in under 20 minutes.

1. Cardio 

Get your cardio in either before your workout or after! 5 minutes is all you need to get your blood pumping, heart rate elevated, and muscles loose. Running, jump rope, stair climbing, or boxing are all great forms of cardio.

2. Push-ups

An exercise that works multiple muscle groups in the upper body region is the good old-fashioned push-up. If  you have a decent amount of upper body strength, try a military style push-up. If your upper body strength is not the best, then try a push-up utilizing your knees. See how many push-ups you can perform under 1 minute. Don’t cheat!

3. Squats

Now that you’ve worked the upper body, it’s time to train your lower body. If you’re no stranger to exercise then you should be very familiar with the squat. This exercise is great for training the lower body (quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves), but also promotes muscle-building throughout the entire body. Also, you can burn tons of calories while building a significant amount of muscle. Try performing 20 squats in 2 minutes.

4. Core Exercises

Of course I would never give you a routine that doesn’t address your core aka abdominal muscles. Unbeknownst to many, strong abdominal muscles go way beyond a flat stomach. The core is responsible for stabilizing and balancing your entire body. Instead of performing 50 crunches, try  10-15 slow-controlled leg raises in under a minute.

Once you’re done performing 4 of these exercises in 10 minutes repeat the entire routine once more. An even greater benefit of this routine is that it can be performed at home, outside, or in the gym. If you’re time is limited and the gym is not an option, you can still get in great shape. Instead of dedicating 20 minutes to making excuses, give it to great health. Your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

anowa adjah

Anowa Adjah is a 200-pd fitness professional, motivational speaker, mother of twins, entrepreneur and the CEO of Powerhouse Physiques. She has solidified herself as an innovator and a master of many trades. With the success of the Powerhouse Physiques Workout DVD series and her transparency with real life issues, Anowa has generated over a million followers via social media and sold out events all over the country. Anowa is currently working on several projects and looking towards globally expanding the Powerhouse Physiques Brand.