Fit Friday: A Family Affair

What I’ve discovered while training a few of my clients is that there is usually more than one person in their household battling the bulge. Partnering up with fellow friends and family can be very beneficial for your fitness journey. Here are three great ways to get in shape and spend quality time with the people that matter most.

1. Ditch your lengthy phone conversations and go for a run/walk with your friend.

Walking is a great functional exercise, but you’ll burn more calories jogging. Have you ever tried talking and running at the same time? The idea might seem a bit daunting, but it calls for a great bonding moment.

2. Create a sports team with your friends and family.

Find one day out of the month where your family can meet up for a laugh and a great workout. For example, I remember one of my clients sharing how she enjoyed playing flag football with her cousins at least twice a month. Despite our challenging workouts, she never missed a day of flag football with her family. Try competing with consequences. For example, make the losing team perform 20 push-ups.

3. Choose a healthy restaurant the next time you eat out.

Broaden your horizons. There are plenty of great restaurants that will serve food to cater to your shrinking waist. I always encourage my clients to try new food options. Many times our progress depends on what we’re willing to learn.

The more support you receive, the greater your success rate! Partner with loved ones and give each other a greater chance at living a more fruitful life.

anowa adjah

Anowa Adjah is a 200-pd fitness professional, motivational speaker, mother of twins, entrepreneur and the CEO of Powerhouse Physiques. She has solidified herself as an innovator and a master of many trades. With the success of the Powerhouse Physiques Workout DVD series and her transparency with real life issues, Anowa has generated over a million followers via social media and sold out events all over the country. Anowa is currently working on several projects and looking towards globally expanding the Powerhouse Physiques Brand.