Finesse of the day: Bruno Mars And Joan Smalls Vogue Spread

It’s timeless. 👀

Even a few years later, Social media’s response to the Bruno Mars and Joan Smalls Vogue spread has set forth a layer of pettiness.

In a true #TBT,  a member of black twitter resurfaced the photoshoot and this tweet recieved over 3K retweets and hundreds of likes questioning the unlikeliness that a couple like this would exist in today’s culture.

When the shade resurfaced

The 10-page spread shows Joan Smalls and Bruno Mars having fun in Puerto Rico in a shoot entitled “La Isla Bonita.”  The two celebs are seen frolicking around San Juan as the ideal first family. In general, Vogue has a knack for visualizing how society should be  and that’s what makes fashion magical and relevant. However, could this actually be the case in today’s society?

We think Bruno Mars and Joan Smalls make a cute couple though!

The ladies on Twitter also agree.

But the guys seem to think otherwise.

“yea they drippin in finesse,” comments another twitter user.

Here they are as a family unit looking like Easter Sunday.

Interesting enough, the singer and supermodel were actually united for the ” Marry Me” video which makes us think that this could actually be real?

What are your thoughts on dating partners of different height variations?