How To Figure Out Your Size In A Different Country

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A shopping tip to make it easier.

Shopping abroad is always fun because there are so many new options. Zara in London is just not the same as Zara on 34th Street in New York.

An embellished slim waist

Know your waist and hip sizes in inches and centimeters. The measuring tape can be found at almost any discount store. A dress in a size 6 in US is a size 38 FR in France.

A pair of shoes “38 “can be around an 8 US for a women size.

European sizes are often measured in centimeters.

Embroidered Ace Sneaker

For the men’s?

Denim can be tricky. If you’re not as tall, don’t go to specialty denim. Stick to Levi’s.

Photo Credit: APC Denim Pinterest