What To Wear… To An Art Festival

Tis’ the season to do artsy things.

Art festivals and shows are the new alternative to concerts that don’t sacrifice drinking and still guarantee a good time. Think about it, there’s always going to be intelligent and beautiful people walking around a white or dark walled gallery space discussion whatever comes to mind. These are eclectic people with electric and interesting styles, it’s basically the new streetwear.

Currently, Milan Design Week is underway and lots of bloggers are flocking to Milan to see the latest in interior design, as well as snap some serious photos with all the cool backgrounds, basically free from set up charges.

Meanwhile at Design Week Milan

Photo Credit: Instagram

We are loving Tamu McPherson’s of All The Pretty Birds Lifestyle Blog, style for Milan Design Week. As Milan is her hometown, she has first dips on the newest interior trends, because, as you know style just doesn’t stop with an outfit choice, it extends to your home and office. So, whether you are partaking in Art Basel or a fair at a conference center or viewing the latest in modern art in a refurbished warehouse space in Los Angeles and New York, outfits should be bold, comfortable and true to your personal style. Here’s what you should consider wearing to an art festival.


A Printed Jacket

You will be the movable art of the fair and your pictures will look ten times cooler.


Graphic Printed Satin Bomber Jacket by Elie Sabb via

Comfy Statement Shoes

Go for a pair of comfy heels or sneakers because there will be lots of walking and standing.  There aren’t many seats involved when partaking in the art -gazing. This is standard.



Alexander Wang Kitten Heels via

A Pair of Pants

Pants are always a good ideas at an art festival. In general, a lot of them are really casual.

Vetement x Levi’s Denim via

A Turtleneck

Perhaps an art-sy favorite!


Cashmere Sleeveless Turtleneck by Calvin Klein Collection