Trend Report: Wear Fishnets With Just About Anything

Seriously, stockings have never gotten this much attention. 

Fashion girls are wearing fishnets with just about anything. Hosiery once know as the Parisian essential has filtered it’s way into the blogger mirror selfie. Wear them under jeans, the higher on your waist and stomach the sexier. Wear them under your cut – out dress for more texture and va va room! What is it about this classic hosiery design that has every girl re-evaluating how she feels about stockings? Seriously, stockings have never gotten this much attention.

Netted clothing has recently appeared on the high fashion runways of Cuisine Et Och, Jeremy Scott and Marchesa, even though its origins date back to the 1920s, when flappers and showgirls were dancing for their rights on stage. Now, the scene is on the street and a pair of fishnets tights are a secret accessory just about any outfit. And the best part is that you can get them just about anywhere, even at your local discount store because they’ve been around for nearly a hundred years. Haven’t tried this trend yet? Check out our inspo on how to wear fishnets with just about any outfit for any occasion.