Trend Report: Are All Silk Dresses Made Equal?

The evolution of the silk dress has become so casual, it can be worn to bed, to work, on a hot date or even to a cocktail party. 

It wasn’t until Rihanna accidentally stepped out in her nighties for a midnight smoke session or perhaps when Louis Vuitton debuted its  Fall 2014 collection of chic loungewear, did the allure of dressing in negligees in the day and into the night become a thing. Seasons later and the glamorous, carefree silk dress has finally made its way to the masses, and dare I say it, silk dresses are universally chic for any body type.

Nowadays, casually downsizing the sexy by default silk dress is a style challenge. How many times can you wear a silk dress in the cooler months and get away with it? A lot. Wear it over a baby white tee, hoodie or even a turtle neck for the blogger chic look. Alternatively, embrace being chic AF in a silk spaghetti strap dress for a night out with bae. Wear it short with sandals or draped long with boots, this dress is truly irresistible and too hard to not keep for bedroom dressing. So are all silk dresses made equal, count the styles in our round up.