Trend Report: Clear Raincoats

A coat that matches with basically everything.

The rain is only pleasant when the perfect rubber boots, sleek coat, cool umbrella and obviously waterproof jacket are worn all at once. If any of these pieces are missing from one’s outfit, of course the rain is going to be somewhat unbearable. That’s why this spring the clear raincoat is not only ideal, but it matches with any outfit.

The clear coat is not new to the fashion world, they’ve been popping up for years but haven’t had much staying power. Jill Sanders debuted its own rendition of the clear plastic blazer on the 2014 runways, and every since I spotted the coat at a vintage shop, I’ve been craving more. Most recently, the reality Star cum bikini designer cum clothing designer Draya Michele produced her own sexy version of a clear coat in a provocative photo shoot. It was a peculiar to design such a one-off basic, but every blogger is itching to purchase one! If you are contemplating weather you’ll look good in one, that’s a no brainer. Here are our top picks of where you can find the perfect raincoat.