Things You Will Definitely Need While Traveling

Photo Credit: Travel Noire

Here’s a few gadgets you need to pack. 

Travel can get super hectic. However with the right gadgets in your purse, you will be smooth sailing. With today’s fast past traveling, a good phone that works is essential.

No wifi, how do you even live?

To have a Travel Noire experience, good wifi at all times is a must. No one wants to come back with excruciatingly high data chargers. Fret not! There’s a device for that.

the “MIFI” wifi block can connect up to 10 devices and boasts super high speed wifi. Get it here.


A Universal Converter

No matter where life takes you in the world, make sure you bring a universal converter. Get one that can adjust to any outlet. Get it here.


A Warm Blanket

The key to a enjoyable plane ride in economy class is a warm thro blanket.