The One Pair of Jeans You’ll Be Wearing All Spring

Two words: Cropped Denim. 

Fashion girls can’t get enough of this just above the ankle and cropped denim. This spring, it’s all about the frayed and less refined seams. It’s casual, fun and can be done with just about any denim. These pants are like the new trousers because they present a more sophisticated silhouette with a flirty blouse and they elongate the legs. So women in on the shorter side of height, love this trend.

Whether you choose a denim that’s pre-cropped or do it yourself, this is the one pair of jeans you’ll be wearing all spring!

APC cropped Denim

DIY Cropped Denim:

Step 1:

Find a pair of straight legged denim from your ow wardrobe or buy a pair of Levi’s from a consignment or thrift store. The lighter the denim, the better!

Step 2:

Unravel the denim hems and seams and get rid of the thread.

Step 3:

Size up your denim with your legs and measure how much you need them cut. Cut at least 3-5 inches off based on what style you want to achieve. Fray the seams to give it the rugged look and oh la la! You got yourself a new pair of denim.