Meet Tatiana Price: ANTM Top-Model and Beauty Entrepreneur

The model with ultra smooth skin. 

You may know Tatiana Price from America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Cycle 23 where she stunned judges with her SkinButtr business and authentic style.  Amongst a group of leggy models dressed in hipster attire, the  22-year-old licensed esthetician made sure she not only provided ashy girls with lotion, but also competition. #Werk

We caught up with the model and beauty entrepreneur about her fashion journey, being filmed and also her ideal outfit under $50. Go inside our conversation.

Model behavior


JET MAG: What did you do prior to being on ANTM?
TATIANA PRICE: Prior to being chosen to be on ANTM I was modeling full time. My modeling career was pretty steady but I was doing msestly commercial work for smaller brands. I felt a little stagnant and uninspired to be honest. I had already started skinBUTTR but I was in the process of transitioning my focus more on running my business than modeling.


Do you have any scandalous stories about ANTM contestants? Did anyone try to sabotage your shoots?
Lol, no actually. For the most part everyone was pretty chill, outside of Marissa and Kyle hooking up we were all pretty G rated. Once the first eliminations were made we were all very conscious about the fact that we were being filmed and wanted to come across the best way possible. Aside from my small arguments with Binta and Courtney, ANTM was pretty much like going to sleep away camp but with cameras.

Are you happy about the way things went down during elimination?
Yes, I believe things happen exactly the way they are meant to. I was thankful for the opportunity and knew that no matter what the outcome would be on ANTM it would be a stepping stone for me to do great things. So I was mentally prepared for it to go either way.

Why did you decide to launch SkinButtr?
Growing up I never had perfect skin. I suffered from hyper pigmentation and my skin would get very dry and flaky. I would create sugar scrubs for myself and make shea butter concoctions and I saw the difference that they made in the texture of my skin. I went to school to become an esthetician and everything clicked all at once, and skinBUTTR was born. My skin is apart of my confidence. No one is perfect, but there are things that you can do to help yourself be the best version of you. Skincare is one of those things.

You look like you have amazing skin, can you give our readers any tips to keeping your skin smooth all year around?
Thank you! Aside from my product line, diet has A LOT to do with your skin! Drink lots of water, limit sugar intake, eat deep green foods like kale and collards. I scrub my body 2x a week in the shower and cover my body in skinBUTTR nightly. For my face I use skinBUTTRS cleanser, toner, and moisturizer daily. I exfoliate and use a mask 2x a week.

Did your TV presence help your sales?
Definitely! The last episode was the biggest spike in sales. Drew bringing up my skincare line and saying that “I just wanted to sell lotion,” actually motivated people to go online and order some in support of me!

What was one career tip/rule you learned on being on ANTM?
I’ve learned that it’s okay to speak up. I used to be very shy and scared to say things if something was off as far as my hair, makeup, styling, etc. I was very shy and didn’t want to hurt feelings or seem like a diva. Being on the show and working closely with Drew and Ashley and so many stylists and industry professionals; it broke me out of that. I learned that it’s okay to speak up for myself and my brand. It’s possible to say things without sounding like, or being a diva.

Are you doing any modeling now?
Yes! I’m signed in NYC, Miami, and LA.

How do you stay up to date with the fashion industry?
Instagram! I follow a lot of stylists and models like @karlie.floss, @maikeeb_kills, @scotlouie, @nyane, @ryandestiny and the list goes on. I also draw a lot of inspo from just living in NYC. Walking down the street people always look interesting. If I see something I like, I do my research. Also, shooting – anytime I’m on set and I see something that I love from the stylist I google the designer!

Describe your style?
I describe my style as sexy model chic. I love to show skin, but in a classy way with simple silhouettes.

If you have to buy an outfit for a huge event like a charity event for DIOR, and you only had $50 , what would you buy? 
$50?! OMG – Instantly I thought of this Tuxedo Dress from DayaByZendaya which comes to $68, but they have a promo code for 40% off, bringing my total to $41 (I looooveeee a promo code, I never buy anything online without searching for one lol). I feel like this romper is simple, to the point, but with a twist of edginess. Paired with single soled heels that I already have in my closet, it would be the perfect outfit for an event. Since I only have $50 it’s also great because the arms are covered and a bracelet isn’t really needed. I did find an ear cuff from Missguided for $8. My total comes to $48.80! I’d buy a pack of gum with my leftover $1.20.


Photo Credits: 

  • Stylist: CL White
  • Stylist’s Assistant: Shauntez Clay
  • Photographer: Valine Brana