Italy To Become First Country For Paid Period Leave

The struggle is real. 

Italy will become the first country ever to pay women for experiencing their periods. But it’s not like people in Italy work anyway!

Although this is not a joke, we’d like the entire world to follow suit with this law. It’s quite annoying to have to drag to work with horrible cramps.

According to the Washington Post, 61 percent of Italian women work, yet 1 in 4 pregnant women are fired during their maternity leave. This law is so progressive because it shows that there are a lot of douchebags in the workplace. Women need to be protected.

The U.S. is probably far from this law actually going into affect, but there is such thing as a sick day. Plus in New York, it is mandatory that contractor or temporary employees are offered paid sick days, even if they are not full time.

Other countries that aren’t heartless

Japan, Indonesia, and South Korea already offer this paid period leaves but that’s only 3 countries out of over 170 counties. Even though Italy has the lowest percentage of participants in the workplace, it’s a sign that they still care about women. What do you think, should JET start its own for paid period leave and paid bad hair days?