Heels In The Fast Lane: An Afternoon Of Wisdom With A Suadi Princess

The foreign wisdom and the outfit for being on-call at a moment’s notice.

It was a Friday  afternoon just hours prior to a full moon when I walked into work and was told that I was going to be meeting an Arabian princess at a chic midtown hotel.  The Director of Client Relations  on my team received a last minute request that Her Royal Highness was visiting from Saudi Arabia and needed to get her measurements taken for a custom couture gown she was commissioning British designer Ralph Russo to create specifically for her.

Even from the moment I woke up and pressed snoozed, followed by a few minutes to check my email in bed, I knew  that this day was going to be busy, but I didn’t know it would be the day I would meet a real Suadi Princess. So, not knowing what was ahead of me, I wore my signature neoprene mini skirt, a silk tank top and  a pair classic Reebok’s. But, when I walked into work and realized I had to go to a special meeting, I knew my friday OOTD was not going to fly. Heels were a must. 

 Luckily, I had a blue dress that one of my colleagues, a tailor, was altering. So I ran into the tailoring room and asked if it could be done in a few hours, because we had a very important meeting. The Tailor said yes even though it was at that moment laying on her work station in pieces.

A few hours later, my dress wasn’t done, so I pulled out another dress from my drawer, got it pressed and    slipped it on. The appointment with The Arabian Princess was at 5pm but I still had a meeting on the Upper West Side at 2pm. Again we were busy that day and The Director of Client Relations was not impressed and wanted to cancel. 

“Ugh, No, the client can wait  until tomorrow.” Said the Director of Client Relations.


“No she’s a Princess. We need to establish a good relationship. And besides, Princesses don’t wait.” I responded. 

Needless to say, I made my way to midtown with another colleague to take the measurements of this Arabian Princess who was staying on the 35th Floor of a very chic hotel in midtown, Manhattan. 

When I walked in the suite, the first thing I noticed was that the room wreaked of cigarettes. Her house manager, greeted us and escorted us to the living room, where we were seated on a plush couch facing a glass window with the entire view of Manhattan and Central Park on the other side of the glass. The sun was setting and it was beautiful. I was rushing all day, so when I finally put on my Coach heels, my feet were so swollen from rushing they hurt so bad. The first thing I wanted to do was sit on a nice plush couch. The House Manager offered us a drink and I happily said, Pellegrino. Come on, I have manners, this wasn’t happy hour. It was still work. While we waited for Her Royal Highness to appear, I studied the measurement chart that was written by the European metrics systems ( measurements were in meters, our measuring tape was in inches, FML), and I also googled the designer to make small talk.).

Two hours later and the Princess was ready to be fitted in Gucci kitten-heeled slides, a colorful silk Hermes scarf casually tied around her head and tunic day dress.

On Beauty

Her Royal Highness’s eyes were a completely deep and hypnotizing brown. We talked about our eyebrows for at least forty minutes. She plucks and tweezes her eyebrows because they give more of a natural arch. “Do you thread, wax?” I ask.  “No I pluck my eyebrows.” She replied as she took a few drags of her UAE brand cigarette.  The Princess also admitted that she owns so much makeup, like so much in her words not mine. I almost asked if I could see, but I didn’t want to come across too forward. She said she loves to watch Youtube videos. The powder room was littered in designer toiletries- Chanel and Versace deluxe Perfume bottles sat on the bathroom vanity, along with Diptyique candles and La Prairie hand cream. Only the best for a boss bitch.  

On Fashion

“I love Calvin Klien because his measurements are true to size.” The princess confessed. We talked about body consciousness and how a huge percentage of teens in Saudi Arabia suffer from anorexia because of the pop culture and the pressure of society. She went on this long tangent about how she use to be 38 centimeters.

On Family

Here’s what the Princess says about raising children:

The first set of seven years, you spoil them.

The second set of  seven years, you give them rules and guidance and tell them right from wrong.

The third set of seven years you become their friend. 

On Travel

“I only like blue water. I like to see my feet under water. “