Gabourey Sidibe Talks Social Media and Body Image For InStyle Magazine

The Empire actress keeps pushing boundaries. 

For the May Issue of InStyle Magazine, Gabourey Sidibe shoots fashion spread and talks about why she loves and hates social media.

The actress first came onto the scene with her 2009 breakout role in Precious. Now, the star continues to push boundaries and speak on issues of internet bullying and body positivity in the fashion and entertainment space. She writes a personal essay about style and the time she let internet commenting get the best of how she  truly felt about her outfit on the inside. That’s the thing about the internet and self awareness, if we aren’t strong enough, they can eat up self -esteem and not think twice about playing nice.  In her gift to Instyle, Gabourey writes in first person about her outfit she bought fromd Öfuurë , an Etsy store that designs modern African inspired and printed garments.

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Here’s some quotables from May’s Issue.

On the difference between Facebook and Instagram

“Nobody is on Facebook except your auntie and all of her auntie friends. The real vanity orgy is on Instagram. “

On The Time She Wore The Perfect Outfit, The Internet Were Idiots

“I felt gorgeous, and in that moment there was no convincing me otherwise. My pride and my entire heritage rested comfortably on my head as an invisible crown of straight-up righteousness. I comfortably, truly had zero f—s to give.”

Then the comments reared their ugly heads.

“But toward the end of the night, I made the tactical error of checking my phone while sitting in a car on the way to an after-after-party. The Internet loved my dress. But then someone said they hated my hair. Oh.”

Which lead her to a realization about why comments shouldn’t get the best of your emotions and well-being.

Negative comments don’t have to haunt me. When it comes to how I look, my opinion is the only one that counts.