French Style: 10 Items You Need In Your Wardrobe To Be Parisian

Speaking French is just a fraction of being truly Parisian.

Being french is not about the language, it is a mindset. What can we say, it’s that  Jen noms Se quoin that everyone around the world wants to be part of in some way. Whether it’s embracing French cuisine or bathing in a bathtub of scents soaps and salts, french culture is all about the simplest luxury. Fashion people love it, so much so the “Parisian Style” has been trademarked. In Parisian style, less is more. Keep to the basic and splurge on statement items like a color silk Hermes scarf or a nice embellished blazer or suit, for men.

A Cozy Sweater

A cozy cashmere or knitted sweater to go with everything is a must for Parisian style. Guys and dolls are always have their favorite sweater draped casually around their shoulders.


A Pair Of Sunnies

Parisians always have a chic pair of black or brown sunglasses laying perfectly on their head as an accessory or worn in doors.

Denim Jeans

Parisian style means wearing a great pair of tailored jeans.

A Turtle Neck


A Nice Pair Of Loafers

A Blazer

The perfect secret weapon for any outfit that needs an instant and professional style upgrade.

A Hat


A Silk Scarf

An Oversized Coat

The french love the drama and volume an oversized coat gives their style personality.


Go To Jewelry

The french love subtle but basic jewelry. Go for the the diamonds and pearls, then wear them every single day.