How to dress like a ‘rich mom’

Dress for the life you want? 

Perhaps this whole ‘rich mom’ style became relevant around the same time Joanne the Scammer gained popularity. Whenever it was, rich mom look-alikes are popping up all over and they are not eating at a private country club. Let’s chat later.



Will the real rich mom please stand up?

Let’s keep it 100 percent and say that rich moms are running to yoga classes all over Beverly Hills and driving the latest G Wagon. She is your favorite Jack & Jill mom. She wears oval – framed vintage Prada sunglasses and tennis sweaters draped over her shoulders just in case she gets cold shopping at Off-Saks. She’s loves day spas and weekly manicures.   It was in college where my own run in with a “rich mom” in “financial crisis”  resulted in my own vintage Gucci bag and wallet for less than $100. Eat your heart out Buffalo Exchange.  Whether you’re shopping  from local consignment store racks or a real-life mom, here’s what to grab to get “rich mom style.”

The Tennis Dress

Not only is a tennis dress short, sexy and easy to wear, it’s also breathable and comfortable for warmer temperatures.

L’ETOILE SPORT Striped stretch-knit tennis dress via


A Sweater

The key to mastering the rich mom look is to wear a sweater like it’s a furry accessory hanging from your purse.

DOLCE & GABBANA Embellished appliquéd cotton-jersey sweatshirt via




A pair of slide on loafers

Rich moms love slides or any shoes that could – be slides.

A visor

Dad hats are clearly for dads, rosé drinking rich moms love visors.