Upgrade Your Gym Bag in 2014

Credit: Thinkstock

Gym bag art

It’s the beginning of a new year and you just spent some hard earned cash on a shiny new membership to that gym, which seemed so perfectly located between work and home. You’re feeling great because you’ve managed to actually make it there pretty regularly, but it continues to feels like a foreign task. What will it take to make going to the gym feel like a natural part of your everyday? It all begins with the right bag.

Consider this: Why is it that certain things like that morning latte become such a natural part of our lives without us even noticing? Simplicity. We buy $5 coffee because it’s as simple as thinking about it and having it in your hand a mere 30 seconds later. This should be the point of your gym bag. The last thing you want to do when heading to the gym is think about heading to the gym. It has to be as easy as picking up a sack and showing up.

Whether you’re a pro gym goer or are just getting started, here are some things to consider when finding the perfect new gym bag. Keep in mind that no matter what your style of bag turns out to be in 2014, keep it packed and ready to go so your trips to the gym become simple and seamless!



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