Menswear for Ladies 101

Who says you can't borrow from the boys? Our contributing writer shares tips for working menswear into your wardrobe.
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Spring is officially here, but winter isn’t going out without a fight. If you find yourself facing the lingering-chill blues, man up by giving your guy’s sweater a girly makeover!

Call me selfish, but I love buying my boyfriend things that I can steal – How do you think the “boyfriend” jean trend started? Some girl wised up… and stole them from her man! – So when I’m looking for gifts for my guy I think of him first, but wouldn’t completely hate the idea of potentially stealing his new goodies!

Photo by Claire Eliza

Photo by Claire Eliza; Control Sector jacket, Karen Walker sunglasses.

This rings especially true during this in-between season phase, when it’s still too cold for short skirts, but I can’t bring myself to pull on another one of my sweaters. Jumping into his sweater instead can give you the perfect post-winter pick-me-up!

Here are three style tips to follow when rocking menswear:

Topman Grey Burnout Brooklyn Sweatshirt, $20

Topman Grey Burnout Brooklyn Sweatshirt, $20

1) Size Matters – Before shopping in your man’s closet, consider his size. The piece you pull should look masculine and loose fitting without swallowing you whole! Try a more tailored sweater or a fitted sweatshirt to get the look without loosing your shape.

j. Reneé Mrva pump $90

j. Reneé Mrva pump $90

2) Play with Proportion – When you’re wearing something oversize, you have to offset the slouch with something skinny. So pair your boyfriend’s sweater with skinny jeans, leggings, cigarette pants or something tight and tailored. If you choose to double up on the trend by pairing his sweater with boyfriend jeans, make sure you choose a cropped cut to show off some skin and a high heel to help play with proportions.

Ivanka Trump “Blair’ Crossbody $95

Ivanka Trump “Blair’ Crossbody $95

3) Feminize it – To borrow from the boys without looking like one, keep it feminine with girly accessories. A flirty skirt or sky-high stilettos will do the trick. And when in doubt, just add bows to give it that girly flair.

I’m now a firm believer that your guy’s slouchy sweatshirt can be a girl’s best friend! Now you’re ready to give any borrow-worthy menswear piece a  feminine touch!

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