Make Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Stylish

We’ve seen it before: the all too hilarious photos— probably taken on a disposable camera and considered vintage by the young— of the token ugly Christmas sweater being worn by someone trying to hide their distain for grandma’s gift circa 1988.

Well, in 2013, you don’t have to dread that holiday sweater! It’s time to embrace the ugly and rock it out so hard that it becomes retro chic. Have some doubts? Check out these tips on taming that knitted beast. Then get shopping and get back to us on December 20th: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

Think: Lumberjack on a Camping Trip.
When it comes to your ugly sweater, chances are it’s got quite the patterns. Make sure these designs are on a canvas of neutral colors like navy, gray, or oxblood red. A pop of color layered over your sweater will also take some attention away from loud patterns while keeping you warm and cozy. Now all you need are some trendy camel pants and some bulky brown boots and before you know it, you’re the best dressed at your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.


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Think: Oversized Streetware
Your sweater should be two sizes too big! Embrace that holiday comfort look while making it all seem effortless. Remember, if your going loose up top, keep it fitted down low. It’s time for those black jeggings! These will keep your oversized sweater from looking like sloppy. While you’re at it, this is a great opportunity to play on the the grunge trend. Go for leather ankle boots and an oversized beanie. Nothing will look better with your black saddle bag than nude eyes and a bold lip!

Ugly Holiday Sweater-Women

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