Five Must-Have Accessories for Men

You’ve probably heard people say “the suit makes the man!” In 2013, it’s a given to have on a proper-fitting suit. So, if it’s not the suit that makes the man, what is? Answer: Accessories.

Men don’t have as many options as women to accessorize, so when you do, your style stands out and says “hey pay attention, I’m a detailed dude”! Here are my top 5 must-have accessories you need in your wardrobe:

pocket square

The Pocket Square

These square pieces of fabric are one of the most prominent ways to bring heat to your suit or blazer. And with so many ways to rock a pocket square you can make it pop in many different ways. One of my favorites styles is from Armstrong & Wilson (no affiliation to me) with their signature button on the square!

Fossil watch

Wrist Wear

Ohh! You thought just because we all tell time from our phones you didn’t need a wrist piece? Watches say a lot about your character and personality. Bold face designs, color faces, different texture bands are all a way to accent your outfit.

‘Nate’ Chronograph Bracelet Watch 50mm, Nordstroms, $145

headphone cufflinks


Speaking of the wrist, another way to show that you have style and sophistication are cufflinks. But not your ordinary cufflinks, anybody can wear those. You need cufflinks that speak to the occasion or to your personality. Custom cufflinks don’t have to be expensive, you can find a huge selection on Etsy that are reasonably priced giving you the opportunity to switch them up often.


Color Laces

Sixty-four percent of women judge a man’s fashion sense based on his shoes, according to research by shoemaker Allen Edmonds. And get this, 52 percent of women say they judge a man’s personality by his shoes!! Fellas, make sure your shoe game is tight–before you get to say a word, your shoes say it all! It was once thought women only pay attention to your “shoe siz,e” not your shoe style. This is where color shoelaces come into play. You can get a lot of punch for a little effort. Color laces give your shoes that pop of color that ties in or contrasts your outfit. It communicates that you are willing to go the extra step (pun intended).

Four-packed wax shoelaces,, $10



So, now you have your shoe game together, but yesterday I saw you rocking some white tube socks?! Ok, you might not be that bad, because we all know white tube socks are strictly for the gym! But because we’re aware 64 percent of women are peeping our shoes, we may as well top it off with some sock style. Having a splash of color that accentuates what you are wearing puts you in a different lane.

Bassett Socks,, $12.oo


About Mario Armstrong:

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