Feeling that Flannel?

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Flannel (plaid) shirts have been popping up everywhere in the fashion world thanks to a resurgence of this popular 90s trend. Usually associated with grunge, plaid (flannel) was the God of cool, the perfect companion to thermal tops, ripped jeans and Doc Martens; it was seen on skirts, blazers, hats and, of course, shirting.


Now fast forward to 2014! What has really caught our attention was the presence of plaid on the red carpets and other celebrity events: Brandy, Chris Brown and August Alsina  rocked various forms of shirting at the BET Awards 2014; Beyonce’s “FLAWLESS” shirt, that was been worn several times on her international tour, was amazing; and almost every retailers has ordered pieces in various shades and patterns from gingham, tattersall and madras to buffalo, tartan and everything in-between.



Since this trend has now become a wardrobe staple, we must be careful of not looking like a lumberjack so proper styling is king!   Here are a few of our favorite ways on how to wear flannel fashionably and effortlessly:


An unexpected treat, plaid trousers reminds us of country clubs and now, seen on leggings and harem pants, give a touch of modernity to what could become a stiff look. Pair with a simple, solid blazer for a more polished look or an oversized tee for a cute weekend outfit


A mix of feminine and masculine, a plaid shirt can become your best friend, especially on the weekend! Girls pair with a skinny jean or leggings while guys stick to a dark pair of denim or even joggers for a casual yet trendy look.


Don’t be CLUELESS when it comes rocking plaid above the knee! Take a cue from Cher and Dionne and pair a flirty, tennis skirt or sweater dress with a sexy pair of heels or even a cue ankle boot. Remember to keep it classy and always cute!

Tied Around The Waist

Brandy showed use how to rock the “tied around the waist “ look during a recent music awards performance and you can achieve it as well. Pair with short shorts, simple halter top or boyfriend jeans and you have just introduced a pop of color for a chic, urban look!

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This is where you can introduce plaid into your otherwise conservative work wardrobe. Pair a slim plaid blazer with a white oxford button-down or slip on a pair of comfortable loafers for a sophisticated yet trendy look. Furthermore, try incorporating skinny jeans and white hi-top Converses for the perfect Casual Friday outfit.


Add some plaid to your look by accessorizing, accessorizing, accessorizing!  When the cold weather begins and your outfits are not as vibrant, add a scarf or hat to dress up an ordinary look. Purchase pieces in various prints, from gray-black to yellow-red and even blue-green, to brighten up even the darkest of winter days!


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