Cool Summer Style for Guys

Gents, it’s the middle of summer, and you’ve probably been wondering how to combine essential gentleman style with effortless “comfortability.” Well, wonder no more.  Here are five tips to make sure you stay cool, in all senses of the word.


1. Undershirts – I never really understood A-shirts (or wife beaters as is the less socially correct term).  I wear undershirts for one purpose: to keep the sweat away from my actual shirt.  Either way, just be sure your undershirt is not seen through your dress shirt.  If you are wearing a white dress shirt, or any lighter colored dress shirt, opt for a crew neck undershirt (unless, of course, you are unbuttoning the top button, in which case wear a V-neck undershirt).

2. Excessive Perspiring – Speaking of sweating, I have a confession.  The faucet under my arms needs repair.  I highly recommend Kleinert’s disposable underarm shields.  They’ve helped me through countless meetings/outings and have saved me (and my shirts) from inevitable embarrassment.

3. Suits – Wool suits tend to be too heavy and thick for the summer.  Try a lighter fabric, such as cotton or poplin.  Linen is also a possibility, but remember–linen wrinkles easily.

4. Ties – Yes, even ties can conform to the summer code.  Cotton ties come in many of the same styles as your average silk, they are just lighter and match well with a cotton or lighter suit.  Just please, please get ties no bigger than 2 ½ -3 inches.  The Tie Bar is my go-to for neckwear.

5. To sock, or not to sock? – This is a touchy one, but honestly, I like not wearing socks a lot during the summer–even with suits.  So that my feet don’t ruin my shoes (or vice versa), I wear no-show socks.  They are great for low cut sneakers, boat shoes, dress shoes and any other time you want socks, but don’t want them seen.

Summer is a great time to also combine different styles.  Personally, I’m a fan of the shorts and dress shoes look, or the suit and V-neck.  Remember, you’re curating your own style, so do what feels (and looks) great for you.  Be a gent, gents.

About Nicholas Hawkins

Nicholas Hawkins

Nicholas Hawkins is a menswear fashion consultant and overall gentleman savant.  He started Young Gentleman Society in 2008 as a way to help guys learn dressing and grooming basics and to show them how they can develop their own style.  A current law student, Nicholas spends his non-legal time in his favorite subjects: sports, art and entertainment, and hopes to combine all three in legal practice.  He believes that dressing and presenting well helps develop self-confidence and sets the path towards personal success.  Nicholas’ motto: “Being a man is required, but being a gentleman is a choice.” You can follow Nicholas online at and