Hey Ya! Andre 3000 May Launch Clothing Line

Whether it’s lyrically or visually,  3000  always makes a statement.

As one-half of the iconic Southern duo, OutKast, Andre “3000” Benjamin, rocked the stage during their 20th anniversary tour. But what caught the crowd’s attention were his custom black-and-white jumpsuits that expressed musings such as: “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?” and “i’ve never been to afrika.”


Going beyond the visual appeal, as designed by Linda Stokes, the thought-provoking phrases have seemingly sparked cultural impact.

In an interview with Hard Knock TV, Andre 3000 stated that the suits “started off as one message and I continued it from there. They are thoughts I am having, and I’m having fun with it.”

The fashion statements didn’t stop on the stage, either. In an exhibit, titled, “i feel ya”, the jumpsuits premiered at Mana Miami during Art Basel and will travel to SCAD in Savannah, GA. to be viewed through Summer 2015.

But don’t just watch, wear it.  Andre will also be releasing a T-shirt line inspired by the slogans, which he says, “You’ll be able to see that really soon.”

View the full collection of the celebrated spitkicker’s jumpers, here.