Ajak Deng for Opening Ceremony + Intel

Ajak Deng and Kirsten Owen

There is no doubt that the latest craze in the tech world lies in the realm of wearable gizmos. Sure, most of us may not be lining up to purchase our pair of Google Glass— what with the hefty price tag and lack of practicality— but the attention has been growing toward the wrist.

From the Samsung Gear and Moto 360 watch, to the much speculated iWatch rumored to be announced later this week (suspiciously during New York Fashion Week) by Apple, interest in wrist technology has been booming past the level of your typical fitness band. Still, there is one major factor that has been lacking: style and fashion.

Enter Intel’s partnership with the very trendy Opening Ceremony to produce MICA, or  My Intelligent Communication Accessory which will debut at Opening Ceremony’s N.Y. Fashion Week show on Sunday. They are calling it a “smart accessory,” featuring jewels and snakeskin along with a curved touchscreen display. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the team has tapped in Collier Schorr shoot the first campaign images featuring the ever fabulous Ajak Deng along with Kirsten Owen. 

I, for one plan, to enjoy the hype, aesthetics and beautiful campaign. But before running off to Barneys, where the bracelets will be sold beginning in December, it’s important to note that there has not been word on the platforms or apps that will be part of the technical aspects of these hot accessories. Womp!

Will aesthetics trump functionality or will Opening Ceremony and Intel hold up as competition to Apple’s potential iWatch dream team picked from companies like Jawbone, Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry? What do you think?

Ajak Deng and Kirsten Owen for Opening Ceremony and Intel