Chanel Items To Look For In This Los Angeles Consignment Shoppe

The iconic brand is easily accessible after all.

Chanel, the Parisian brand known for it’s iconic perfume and iconic tweed skirt and jacket ensembles can be easily found in your local consignment shoppe.  Search and you will find vintage Chanel apparel goodies because it’s  one of the world’s most sought after company, and everyone wants their products.

For these types of specialty items you need to go to Fashionphile, which is the world’s #1 online destination for vintage designer accessories, but for Los Angeles residents, this luxury shopping experience is available in-person at their Beverly Hills boutique for a personal shopping experience like no other. Fashionphile scours the world for the rarest, most impossible-to-find pieces, ensures their authenticity, and makes them available to those who place a premium on high fashion and luxury accessories.  Vintage shopping is a trend on the rise and Fashionphile has the best selection. The company just completed its strongest month ever in February 2016, with a record breaking $3 million in sales. Celebrities and fashion bloggers have already hopped onto the trend and love Fashionphile’s LA shop.  Bloggers like The Blonde Salad are known to shared their Fashionphile finds with their millions of followers. 

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Consignment shoppes are the perfect place to find a one-of-a-kind  Chanel pieces. With so many options out there, it is essential to know how to spot a authentic Chanel. Here are 3 things to look for when shopping at consignment stores like Fashionphile, The Real Real or a your local consignment shoppe. 

  1. All Chanel Jackets Have A Silver or Gold Chain In The Lining.
  2. The Chanel logo is always embossed in gold foil on the inside and in the same color as the bag, in a slightly hologram tone.
  3. The hardware is always very unique to Chanel. Make sure the buttons are logoed and the monogrammed, and according to The Real Real, classic quilted bag has a rectangular turn lock and bijoux chain handle and “a repeated pattern is usually a sign that the leather is fake, along with  glue residue.”