The “Businesswoman” As Told By Off – White

This season, Off-White challenges the classic “businesswoman” style with the modern cool girl. 

It’s time to say goodbye to old images of women in black suits and slick back ponytails at the navel of the neck and look to the internet and the way culture is growing to mode a new outlook of the business woman. In a documentary about the making of Off White’s Spring 2017 collection, Creative director Virgil Abloh‘s message is heard portrayed  loud and clear: the working women isn’t wearing department store get ups, she’s creating her own, burrowing for the boys and redefining what it means to be straight forward and feminine in business attire. In the short clip, which premiered exclusively on HypeBae, Virgil Abloh is portrayed as this man of few words who leads a gigantic team of seamstresses, models and artists around Milan, Italy.  At first glance, the clothes are borderline Salvation Army finds. Look deeper and you will see the Off – White vision: an edgy take on classic American pieces with a strong European tailoring. An oversized off the shoulder collars shirt is the work shirt for the modern woman. A dress is overly dramatic, overly ruffled, sheer while still saving face for some modesty. Off White’s depiction o the woman could be suspect, but it depends on who that person is.

I suppose this business woman is someone who can wear what she wants in a professional setting, a gallery artists, a creative at an advertising agency. Off-White’s depiction is of the business woman is someone who is an entrepreneur  who may have to put on her work boots to trek through a factory to get what she wants. The collection makes a strong case for femininity, but high fashion always does in regard to embracing the female figure. But I digress, the “business woman” is in fact open-ended.

Off White’s journey into womenswear is ambitious in that it is challenging fashion’s direction. Here are 5 styles to wear from Off White right now.