5 Things You Need In Your Purse That Says You Mean Business

A well – packed purse indeed. 

Nothing says a well-packed purse than a pen and misting spray. After all, the reason why we carry a purse is so that our lives will stay in place.

These days, purses can usually hold roughly 10 to 100 objects when small purses and big hobo bags are considered. But what’s the point of carrying a heavy bag if there’s nothing in it and it takes a million years to find your shit?

Here’s what you need to get your life in order once and for all.

A huge leather tassel key chain

Essential Oils

If you are a super into smells, then you’ll need to have some eucalyptus and lavender oils for when you traveling on nasty trains.

Misting Spray

A Heavy Wallet

Card cases are too easy to loose and they don’t have much weight. Which means, if you can’t feel that your wallet is missing, then that could be a potential problem. You could easily leave it somewhere and thieves can steal it.

A Portable Phone Charger

Because you can’t loose battery trying to get where you want to go.

A Moleskin Notebook

Once you take out a notebook and metal pen and start writing stuff down, it’s over. People will believe everything you say thereafter.